My name is Tina

I’m a yoga, meditation and somatic movement teacher and I’m passionate about embodied pathways to abiding in our true nature, which is full of joy.

I offer you an invitation to learn the gentle art of welcoming everything that is, of softening the centre to discover the quiet and simple joy that is always there, no matter what the external circumstances of life. 

Awakening is possible. May I walk with you awhile on your path and hold the space for your inner blossoming?

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Digesting Ancestral Karma

Dissolving intergenerational trauma with Tantrik Yoga

iStock-976509990 crop resixe 1200x630.jpgThe ancients called it karma, we call it trauma. The emerging science of epigenetics is revealing that the body takes on the markers of trauma and transmits it to the next generation. The ancients called the markers samskara. While in modern medical practice the path to addressing deep trauma is to undergo analysis and counselling, the ancient masters of Tantrik Yoga developed a practical technique for digesting this trauma.
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Saturday 16 March 2.15 - 4.45pm
Tara Hall, Magill





For me, all yoga is meditation, even postural yoga is practiced meditatively. Meditation is essential. Fortunately, it needn’t be as hard as many people believe.

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Meditation is the true core practice of yoga, but postural practice has much to yield. I lead postural practices that are an invitation to be centred in the sensation of the body, utilizing a sensitivity to the energy body in the discovery of physical alignment.

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Somatic movement

Somatics is a word used to refer to body-work and movement studies that emphasize the felt-sense of the body. Somatic techniques are used in bodywork, psychotherapy, spiritual practices and dance.

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